An Ordinary Spectacle

The ocean is all shook up.

Waves rise, pummel down

one on another as if thrown

by a giant hand.

Thick rolls of khaki foam the shore;

bits split off, spit into the wild wind;

sunlight sneaks among towers

clouding the horizon

and paints the nestled bubbles

in delicate hues of rainbow.


Fifty-eight pelicans fly the fine line

between procession and dance;

a formation of geese bolts north.

Two gulls wade into the shallows

standing side by side, like we my friend,

maybe wondering too

whether frolic or frenzy creates the fray,

but not needing to know, or count,

to recognize

the spectacle of morning.


Amy Webb, on a walk bringing Mary Oliver present

January 23, 2019

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  • Jeri


  • Sally Z. Hare

    What an exquisite gift. Thank you.

  • David DeVries

    Amy, you captured so beautifully the incredible eye that Mary Oliver had for nature. she saw things we would miss and you did as well in these reflections. You reminded me of the reality available to us on any given day, whether we are at the seashore or not.


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