Inviting you with me on our journeys from scared to sacred

Amy D Webb, PhD

“Amy Webb lives the truth: ‘Everything I’ve done, everywhere I’ve been, and everyone I’ve met has brought me to this moment.’

She enters into each life chapter, each encounter, each relationship, each experience full-bore, learning and discovering as she grows. In showing up fully, she transforms herself, and the moment, and those who are fortunate enough to be present with her.” *

Following a career in corporate management, leadership consulting, and executive coaching, Amy now weaves her skills, professional training, and wisdom into serving through a ministry of presence. An avid journal writer since her teens, Amy directed this creative energy through her psychological and spiritual lens to mine the meaning of her journey with breast cancer. Now a published author, she continues to share and inspire powerful insights through her writing, speaking, and leading of groups.

“Amy has an amazing gift to package feeling and emotion and ache and bewilderment in words spoken or written without threat or judgment. She blesses us all, including herself, with her raw loving vulnerability, and authenticity. She sees us, and herself, through eyes of wonder, love, and holiness; in the seeing, she sheds light. This light invites us to embrace ourselves in the holes and holiness of our lives.”*

For those who wish to make a connection to my life and deepen the connection to your own, I bid you welcome.


* reflection from a fellow traveler

Watch for signs of “Dragonfly Weather,” featuring my poems and photography
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Finding the messages that speak through the various seasons of our lives…

Stones at the Crossing by Amy D. Webb, PhD

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Stones at the Crossing:
Aiming True on My Journey from Scared to Sacred

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