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Sharing the message:
embrace the grace

hold yourself like a baby bird
nestled in found feathers,
woven twigs of story.
Ready, let your life fly free;
where you land
will have awaited you
offering a new thread for your beak.

Alive to Aliveness Amidst the Chaos

Bear witness;
explore the possible;
stand up before the impossible—
it may not be so.
Walk this earth
where you know you belong;
when you hear its music
open your heart and dance
or wail
then sit, write
what your heart can hold
and cannot.
Invite others to dive deep,
sing with you, help
make the soup
that will sustain us
through this trek into the

Poem by Amy Webb: Speaking of Hands

Our Time

This is our time,
this is our work, the elders say.
Stop the blame, the wringing wrenching
fear that hopes
for nothing
What awaits our yes
amidst this great unknown
is stepping back stepping up
to sacrifice
unexamined rhythms
to find new sanctuary,
gatherings only of intention
to deliver in new form
kindnesses at hand–
necessaries to neighbors
conversations across thresholds
anything you need meaning
don’t be scared.
Walking hand in virtual hand
a brilliant bluebird lights up
the canvas of grey days,
calls far and wide speak of life
unfolding as cherry blossoms
or cloaking as heavy snow
freshly made cookies wrapped
in polka dotted love
wait on doorsteps
to delight.

Could I?

If I could
I would be a mockingbird
making it up as I go, singing
oh so many songs in my heart;
If I could
I would be a neon green anole
crawling close enough to earth
to hear the secrets of crickets;
If I could
I would be a calico beauty
hiding her wild
behind a coat of indifference,
fully present
seeming to be elsewhere;
If I could
I would be a live oak, rooted
yet keeping the sky company,
carrying in its trunk
stories of the ages;
If I could
I would be
clouds fluffing up
spilling over
with drops forever
of peace.

And, watch for signs of “Dragonfly Weather,” featuring my poems and photography (in process).
Finding the messages that speak through the various seasons of our lives…